Prevention Overview

True to our mission statement, we are committed to enhancing the quality of life, property, and environment. We strive to accomplish this by preventing ignition sources and mitigating fire impact to our community through:

Engineering, Education, & Enforcement

Each of our various programs in fire prevention compliments these three “E’s” in fire prevention.


We review most construction projects from beginning to end to ensure all fire and life safety requirements are met. We also participate in important code development at the local, state, and national level ensuring our community remains competitive with the rest of the state.


Our entire department takes pride in providing exceptional public education to our residents, businesses, and schools and creating fire safety awareness within our community. Some of our programs include: fire safe instruction, fire extinguisher training, juvenile firesetter counseling, providing demonstrations or information on local and state codes, and emergency preparedness.


We are responsible for maintaining and enforcing State and local codes. Compliance of these codes comes in the form of our fire inspections, code enforcement task force, and fire investigations. It is our goal to use these activities as an opportunity to educate our customers.