Prevention FAQ’s

I’m selling my house what am I required to do?

As the seller of a property at a minimum you should have the following complete prior to transfer of property:

  • At least one smoke alarm at each level/story located outside the bedrooms is required. The CCFD recommends one smoke alarm each level/story, one every bedroom, and interconnected so when one alarms they all sound an alarm.
  • Carbon monoxide detectors are required in every home which uses gas appliances (ie: heater, water heater, dryer, etc.) and should be located outside sleeping areas. Check with the building department of your city to verify exact requirements.
  • Chimney’s that can burn solid fuel shall be equipped with spark arrestors.

Can I have a fire pit in my back yard?

Portable outdoor fireplaces equipped with flame screens are permissible in backyards of single family dwellings without restriction. In multiple family dwellings, portable outdoor fireplaces equipped with flame screens shall not be utilized within 15 feet of structures or combustible material.
Fire Pit Requirements

I want to buy a fire extinguisher for my house, what type should I get?

A five pound (5lb.) extinguisher rated at a minimum of 2A10BC is sufficient.

I have to buy a fire extinguisher for my business what type should I get and how many?

Provide one (5lb) extinguisher, classification of 2A10BC minimum, for every 3,000 square feet of area.

…where should I put them?

As required by the Fire Chief, extinguisher(s) shall be mounted upright between 30-60 inches above floor at the point(s) of egress, serviced annually with current service tag attached.

My fire sprinkler is due for service, how can I get this done?

Commercial and large residential fire sprinklers require servicing every five years. Service has to be conducted by a contractor licensed by the Office of the California State Fire Marshal. When shopping for a contractor, request to see proof of current license.

Where can I use fireworks locally?

Fireworks are not permitted in communities served by the Central County Fire Department. We suggest you check the local papers for firework displays held throughout the Bay Area.