Fire Inspections

The Fire Prevention Division, provides inspection services to help prevent fires and assure fire and life safety for people who live, work and visit in the Cities of Burlingame, Millbrae and the Town of Hillsborough.

Business Licenses

All new commercial businesses and existing business who relocate within city limits are required to apply for a business license through City Hall. Central County Fire Department will conduct a fire and life safety inspection shortly after you receive your license. Click here for a list of fire and life safety requirements.

Tents/Pipe & Drape/Special Events

Any tents over 400 square feet in size; events that include exhibit booths with or without pipe and drape, and other special events that include over 50 persons are subject to California Fire and Building Codes and local permit process prior to the event.

Open flame/Recreational Fire Permits

Open flame or open burning shall be in accordance with the California Fire Code and local requirements. A permit may be granted for certain situations.

The manufacture, storage, sale, possession, handle or use of all fireworks is prohibited. Professional pyrotechnic fireworks presentations may be approved by the City Council upon the recommendation of the Fire Chief.

Self-inspection program

Certain commercial occupancies have the option of conducting their own fire and life safety inspection. This is in lieu of Fire Department personnel conducting and charging fees for the inspection. A letter and form will be mailed to participating businesses. Contact the Prevention Division for more information.

Vegetation Management

If the Fire Department witnesses or receives information of a potential fire hazard relating to vegetation, an inspection will be conducted and enforcement to abate the vegetation may occur.

Engine Company Inspection Program

Central County Fire Department is dedicated to ensuring our community is safe at all times. In addition to our city program to inspect all commercial businesses on a frequent basis, we are mandated by the State of California to inspect the following types of occupancies every year: Multi-family dwellings, Assemblies (not including businesses), Schools, Hospitals, and Jails.
Fees are assessed after the 2nd reinspection and any subsequent inspections.

New Fee Schedule for Apartment Owners