Current Firefighter Openings

You and the Central County Fire Department

The fire service is not for everyone. Like any career, there are drawbacks to being a professional firefighter. You can expect to be away from your family on a continuous basis, including holidays, when many people are home enjoying the company of loved ones. You can also expect long days and nights while on-duty, oftentimes involved in unpleasant emergency responses and other calls for service. It’s a profession that can, at any moment, push you to your limits.


If you are looking for a career that provides exciting and rewarding challenges, a team almost family environment, competitive pay and benefits, and a tremendous opportunity to make a positive difference within the world we live, then you may want to consider a career with the Central County Fire Department. Minimum Requirement Information

For further information regarding the Central County Fire Department or our recruitment process, interested parties may contact us at: Hiring Committee Email

We also have an Intern program available. For information on our intern program please contact us at: Intern Program Email