Employment FAQs

Lateral and Entry-level Firefighter: FAQs

CCFD will post the job openings on CalOpps,
our website, and social media. CCFD uses the Firefighter Candidate-Testing
Center (FCTC) to establish an eligibility list. 


Candidates must meet the minimum requirements for the position and be on the FCTC eligibility list. CCFD

will send out invitations to eligible candidates after determining the minimum passing score of the FCTC written exam.

Individuals that move through the process to the Chief’s interview will be put on an eligibility list. The list will last 12-24 months at the Chief’s discretion.

Candidates being considered for the position will be notified by email and/or mail.

Once candidates are notified they are advancing
in the process, they are provided the rules and regulations of station visits.

We encourage candidates to visit stations, but please understand that crews are

not always going to be available due to operational needs.

Our screening process is explained under our minimum requirement information.

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