Fire Station Tours

The Central County Fire Department provides fire station tours upon request. Each station tour includes:

  • Age appropriate fire & life safety skills
  • Demonstration of the special firefighting clothes (turnouts)
  • View the fire apparatus and equipment
  • Tour where fire fighters write reports, prepare their meals, exercise and rest

To schedule a fire station tour, collect the following information and then contact the Central County Fire Department Administration office (650) 558-7600. Please be mindful that our fire department gladly provides fire station tours, but does not host special events in our fire stations.

  • Participants must be residents of the Burlingame, Hillsborough or Millbrae community, or belong to an organization within these communities.
Please provide the following info when contacting Fire Admin:
  1. Date and possible alternative dates (Note: Please provide two weeks advance notice)
  2. Time
  3. Name of requestor
  4. Contact telephone number
  5. Name of Organization (i.e., school, city resident, scout troop #, etc.)
  6. Address of Organization
  7. Number & age range of children who will be present during the tour
  8. Number of adults who will be present during the tour